About Us

About First Class College Consulting

First Class College Consulting was born out of the desire to help aspiring high school students choose the best colleges and universities to match their needs. First Class College Consulting was created by Juley Zizi who has over 20 years’ experience educating students and helping them believe in themselves to achieve their academic and career success.

First Class College Consulting’s mission is to help drive students to discover their strengths and interests and helps them navigate the often complex admissions process. First Class College Consulting offers a wide array of college consulting services that keeps students organized, on track and on the path to success! The services we offer include:

  • College Prep Program (8th Grade- 10th Grade)
  • Comprehensive College Admissions Program (11th grade-12th grade)
  • Academic Planning & Evaluation
  • College Search Service

  • Essay Service
  • SAT/ACT Tutoring
  • One-On-One Consulting

First Class College Consulting understands that every student is unique in pursuing their path towards a higher education. Our program will provide your child with the utmost advantage towards building their personal academic goals with their college admissions prospects and self-discovery. First Class College Consulting is where success begins!

About the Founder

Juley Zizi

President and CEO

Juley earned her BA in International Relations & Music Composition from Boston University and holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Business and Finance. She is also licensed with the Nevada Department of Education.

Juley’s impressive background allows her to serve clients from many cultures from her foreign language skills to her prestigious musical education, to becoming the 1st women composer accepted to her undergraduate university, she understands what it takes to get into the best universities.

Juley’s academic success didn’t stop her from succeeding in the business world as well. Her career has spanned in the fields of Wall Street, financial institutions and non-profit organizations. She has managed multi-million dollar projects and has an extensive background in Fundraising.

Juley has educated hundreds of college bound students to help them attain their high grades and GPA average, as well as help them actualize their success for the future.

Juley has worked with students of all ability levels and diverse backgrounds. She understands the decision-making process of choosing the right college and career choice based on the student's strengths and academic success. She is committed to properly guiding students through the often complex yet exciting college admissions process. Her commitment to academic excellence and helping students succeed is what draws many families to seek her professional college consulting services.

Despite her busy days, Juley makes time to be involved with her family, her friends, and her community organizations and is proud to have accomplished her certification as a Rescue Scuba Diver.


My Son was so fortunate to have First Class College Consulting help him succeed with his academic skills and goals in order for him be college bound! Thank you!

- Sarah

Ms. Juley is a wonderful person and mentor. We are so grateful to Ms. Juley for everything she has done to help my son and daughter be the best that they can be!

- Emily

I would not have made it through high-school and the college process without the help of First Class College Consulting!

- Sammy

First Class College Consulting is first-rate and helped me to excel with my college entrance exams and get into the college of my dreams!

- Rose

First Class College Consulting helped me reach my academic goals and find the best colleges that would fit my needs for success! Thank you.

- Nico

Thank you, First Class College Consulting, for helping me reach my goal!

- Cari