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We understand how important college education is. Planning for college is not as simple as it once was. With increasing college costs, test scores and everything in between, the process of applying to a college is increasingly complicated and stressful.

First Class College Consulting is a full-service company that specializes in helping you discover your inner strengths, meet your academic goals, and find the best fit college that will suit your needs, assist with the true cost of college, navigate a path for success, and provide expert guidance along the way.

A First Class College Consulting experience is not like any other program, and is everything you expect, to set yourself up for college success and give you that peace of mind.

First Class College Consulting is pleased to offer specific services designed to help you reach your full potential for Success!

Services We Offer

College Prep Program

We will recommend the courses and extracurricular activities that will help you produce better college admission results.

Comprehensive College Admissions Program

Count on us to be with you throughout the college admission process, from looking for a campus to reviewing your application.

Academic Planning and Evaluation

Our team will analyze your current academic profile and offer suggestions on how you can further improve it.

College Search

We can make a list of great universities that you should apply for depending on the degree that you want to pursue.

Essay Service

Present your ideas on paper in a compelling way. We will guide you from outline creation to final proofing and revision.

SAT/ACT Tutoring

We will provide you with in-depth lessons and practice tests on the topics that may be included in the examination.

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As a First Class College Consulting client, you will experience exceptional service, insightful consulting, powerful strategies and a world-class advantage to help you get into the college/university of your choice. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to get a head start on YOUR future. The first step to your success starts here! We invite you to secure your place into this new and exciting service designed to help you achieve your goals!


My Son was so fortunate to have First Class College Consulting help him succeed with his academic skills and goals in order for him be college bound! Thank you!

- Sarah

Ms. Juley is a wonderful person and mentor. We are so grateful to Ms. Juley for everything she has done to help my son and daughter be the best that they can be!

- Emily

I would not have made it through high-school and the college process without the help of First Class College Consulting!

- Sammy

First Class College Consulting is first-rate and helped me to excel with my college entrance exams and get into the college of my dreams!

- Rose

First Class College Consulting helped me reach my academic goals and find the best colleges that would fit my needs for success! Thank you.

- Nico

Thank you, First Class College Consulting, for helping me reach my goal!

- Cari

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We take pride in the students that we help, and are delighted to be a part of their success.

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