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How to Fund Your Child’s College Education


College is a fun and exciting experience for your children. However, most colleges require a high figure investment that can often send most parents into a panic.  Granted, there are academic and sports scholarships that are offered. However, there are still exam fees, living expenses, equipment, textbooks and more. So, it begs the question: How can you pay for your child’s education with a limited budget?


  1. Savings

The most popular way to save for your child’s college fund is to save for it.  This may require cutting costs, and packing lunches instead of buying lunches and cutting costs wherever you can.  If you know your child is going to be attending college in the next 4 years, it’s imperative that you stick to a strict budget and save the amount of money he/she needs to succeed.


  1.  Your child can get a part-time job

Many high school students get a part-time job to buy the latest gadgets, sneakers, and clothes. However, there are some savvy high school students that know the future is in their hands. Therefore, they will get a part-time job to start saving for their college expenses.


  1. Student loans

While going into debt is not highly favored, sometimes a student loan will get your child the funds he/she needs to go to the school of their choice.  However, most student loans may take years to repay. Therefore, many students are opting for jobs and other ways of funding their college education. When they finally get a job, they don’t want to take forever paying off their student loans.


  1.  Talk to a college consultant –

College consultants are more than mentors or advisees. They are actually an advocate for your child and can help you and your child negotiate scholarships and tuition fees that work in your child’s favor. If you are having a hard time figuring out how you will fund your child’s college education, a college consultant will provide you with the information and resources you need to make sure your child gets into the college of his/her choice.


When it comes to paying for your child’s college education,  it’s easier than you think. If you start saving when your child is in high school, you most likely will have enough savings to make sure your child college expenses are covered.


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What to expect during a college interview?

What to expect during a college interview?

The infamous college interview can make all the difference between getting accepted to the college of your dreams or getting rejected. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect during the college interview. While every school/university has their own interview process, it all comes down to seeing if you are a perfect fit for their institution.

The application is only part of the process. College interviews gives admission counselors a chance to get to know you better and learn more about your goals. Therefore, you want to make a good impression.  While every question is specific for different colleges, there are some common questions that almost every college asks. Here are some questions, you should prepare for:

Which activities are most meaningful to you?

When you prepare your college essay, you probably wrote down your passions and activities you are interested in. During the interview, is where you can bring your words to life. You can show the interviewer what you are really passionate about. Whether that is volunteering in your local community or playing your favorite sport.

Why do you want to come to this college?

When most people choose colleges, they choose a college for a specific reason.  So, it’s not uncommon to hear this question at your interview. The interviewer would like to know how much you know about the school, why you are interested in their school, and how you would fit in with the rest of the students. That’s why it’s important to do you research. Learn about the school’s history, their academic success, and any other noteworthy mentions that attracted you to the school.  Most likely, the interviewer will be impressed when you have reasons to join the school beyond prestige or popularity..

How would you add value to the college community?

While most college admission officers may be impressed with your academic success and your resume, they really want to know how can you add value to their existing community. Think about your skill set, your passions, and the need of the community. Whether you are skilled in sports or academics, you have something of valued. Don’t be afraid to talk about some of your personal and professional success. You may never know. The college may be looking for the exact set of skills you have. However, they will never know if you don’t speak up.

For more information on about college interviews, schedule your consultation TODAY! at  or call (702) 805-5313


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How to Choose the Right College for YOU!

How to choose the right college for you?


With more than enough colleges to choose from, if you explore your options and adhere to the application process and financial aid deadlines, you should be accepted into at least 3 or 4 different institutions. The challenge of getting accepted into multiple schools at once, is deciding which college is the right fit for you.


The key is to plan, perform research, and set realistic expectations.  Did you know that approximately 5 % of colleges and universities in the United States deny admission to more than 50 % of their applicants? Therefore, if you plan ahead and know what colleges are looking for in a candidate, you can increase your odds of getting accepted by being prepared.


The first step to choosing the college that is right for you, is to begin your college search.  You can start by applying to different colleges and universities, or requesting a visit to certain campuses. .Here are some things you can start to think about to decide if a college is right for you.


  1. Do they offer the academic programs and co-curricular activities that interest you?
  2. Do they have a campus lifestyle that resonates with your personality ?
  3. Is the school affordable or does it provide financial assistance ?
  4. Do they have programs in place to help you succeed before and after graduation?


If you are having a hard time deciding which college is right for you, an experienced College Consultant can help you make the right choice.  You can discuss the following with your College Consultant :


  • SAT/ ACT help and support
  • Your academic desires and major you want to study
  • Learn about different colleges and which one suits your personality
  • How and when to visit the colleges and universities of your choice


When it comes to searching for the right college, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. That’s where a College Consultant comes in.  At First Class College Consulting, we will provide you with the guidance, support and help you need to help you get into the college of your dreams. Schedule a FREE consultation with us to find out how we can help you start preparing for college today!

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8 Reasons You Should Go to College

8  Reasons You Should Go to College


When it comes to making decisions about your future, college is often a topic of discussion. There are many people who say that college is not for everyone. However, at First Class College Consulting we believe college can be for everyone. There are different colleges and different people. Just because one college is the right fit  for you, it doesn’t mean it will be the right fit for one of your colleagues.  


The choice you make after high school will shape your decision for your future.  Choosing to go to college can be one of the most rewarding achievements of your life. Here are some reasons you should go to college:


  1. A college education is a great investment that yields a strong ROI:  Success!


  1. A college education helps you improve your social skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills and so much more!


  1. A college education increases your chances  of securing lucrative employment opportunities .


  1.  A college education can prepare you for real-world opportunities and challenges .


  1. A college education can increase your earning potential. College graduates make more than non-college graduates .


  1. A college education reduces your risk of engaging in criminal activity or poor behavior .


  1. A college education can help you determine or enhance your skills .


  1. A college education can help you become the best version of yourself .


If you are a high school student who is on the fence about going to college, we suggest  you consider exploring your college options. College is a rewarding experience that will provide you with the skills and attitude you need to navigate life during and after college.


If you would like assistance deciding on which college is right for you or preparing yourself for the college experience, we can help.  Call 1-833-MENTORU now and schedule a time to speak with one of our consultants to talk about your college success!

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Why is College the Right Path for YOU!

Why is college the right path for you?

Are you wondering what you are going to do after you graduate high school? Some of your friends think about taking the year off, living abroad and having a gap year, or look for full-time or part-time work after they graduate. While there’s nothing wrong with thinking about those goals, it’s also important to think about getting into college.

A college degree provides many benefits. Some of these benefits include the following;

  • Greater Knowledge
  • Higher Income
  • Better job opportunities

One of the main reasons that people want to have a college degree is because of the increased earnings opportunities that it brings. It is not guaranteed but, most likely, a person with a college education will earn more money than a colleague without a college education.  It has been reported that a person with just an undergraduate degree will earn 60% more than someone with only a high school diploma.

A college education tends to give a person greater knowledge and with this will increase their levels of understanding of new developments in their chosen field. College allows you to discover your inner strengths,  and help you develop your soft and hard skills that you will need in the workforce to succeed.

Also, a college education can help provide you with a better understanding of your community, country and global issues.

The fact is that the processes involved in obtaining a college education are very different from those you may have experienced at school. Even if you genuinely dislike school life and feel bored or have trouble learning, you should still think about attending a college. It is a good idea to visit colleges when enrolled college students are there or at an open college day so you can chat to current students and ask about the differences between high school and college life.

There are so many ways to obtain a college education these days that there really are very few excuses for you to miss an  opportunity to get into college. Going away from home to college has a lot of benefits on its own. It’s beneficial because:

  • You will be able to become self-sufficient
  • You can learn critical networking and relationship building skills
  • Prepares you for real-world situations

While you can attend college online, there’s nothing like the real life experience of attending a college campus.

If you want to succeed, preparing yourself for college now is your key to success. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, it’s never too early to start thinking about your college experience. When it comes to searching for colleges, writing your admissions essay and getting acceptance letters, it can be overwhelming. That’s why many students invest in a College Consultant that can guide them in the right direction.

If you are thinking about getting into college, schedule a consultation with us now at to discuss your options!