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What to expect during a college interview?

What to expect during a college interview?

The infamous college interview can make all the difference between getting accepted to the college of your dreams or getting rejected. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect during the college interview. While every school/university has their own interview process, it all comes down to seeing if you are a perfect fit for their institution.

The application is only part of the process. College interviews gives admission counselors a chance to get to know you better and learn more about your goals. Therefore, you want to make a good impression.  While every question is specific for different colleges, there are some common questions that almost every college asks. Here are some questions, you should prepare for:

Which activities are most meaningful to you?

When you prepare your college essay, you probably wrote down your passions and activities you are interested in. During the interview, is where you can bring your words to life. You can show the interviewer what you are really passionate about. Whether that is volunteering in your local community or playing your favorite sport.

Why do you want to come to this college?

When most people choose colleges, they choose a college for a specific reason.  So, it’s not uncommon to hear this question at your interview. The interviewer would like to know how much you know about the school, why you are interested in their school, and how you would fit in with the rest of the students. That’s why it’s important to do you research. Learn about the school’s history, their academic success, and any other noteworthy mentions that attracted you to the school.  Most likely, the interviewer will be impressed when you have reasons to join the school beyond prestige or popularity..

How would you add value to the college community?

While most college admission officers may be impressed with your academic success and your resume, they really want to know how can you add value to their existing community. Think about your skill set, your passions, and the need of the community. Whether you are skilled in sports or academics, you have something of valued. Don’t be afraid to talk about some of your personal and professional success. You may never know. The college may be looking for the exact set of skills you have. However, they will never know if you don’t speak up.

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