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How to Choose the Right College for YOU!

How to choose the right college for you?


With more than enough colleges to choose from, if you explore your options and adhere to the application process and financial aid deadlines, you should be accepted into at least 3 or 4 different institutions. The challenge of getting accepted into multiple schools at once, is deciding which college is the right fit for you.


The key is to plan, perform research, and set realistic expectations.  Did you know that approximately 5 % of colleges and universities in the United States deny admission to more than 50 % of their applicants? Therefore, if you plan ahead and know what colleges are looking for in a candidate, you can increase your odds of getting accepted by being prepared.


The first step to choosing the college that is right for you, is to begin your college search.  You can start by applying to different colleges and universities, or requesting a visit to certain campuses. .Here are some things you can start to think about to decide if a college is right for you.


  1. Do they offer the academic programs and co-curricular activities that interest you?
  2. Do they have a campus lifestyle that resonates with your personality ?
  3. Is the school affordable or does it provide financial assistance ?
  4. Do they have programs in place to help you succeed before and after graduation?


If you are having a hard time deciding which college is right for you, an experienced College Consultant can help you make the right choice.  You can discuss the following with your College Consultant :


  • SAT/ ACT help and support
  • Your academic desires and major you want to study
  • Learn about different colleges and which one suits your personality
  • How and when to visit the colleges and universities of your choice


When it comes to searching for the right college, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. That’s where a College Consultant comes in.  At First Class College Consulting, we will provide you with the guidance, support and help you need to help you get into the college of your dreams. Schedule a FREE consultation with us to find out how we can help you start preparing for college today!

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